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Meaning of Meditation

Meditation does not mean concentration. Concentration is like a spotlight of a flashlight that focuses only on one place, but meditation is like a bulb that spreads light in all four directions. Generally, the attention of ordinary people may be of very little watt, but the meditation of yogis is like sunlight, in which time everything in the univers gets caught.

About Meditation

Meditation means connecting and joining whichever way it is done with the true mind, it becomes meditation. When someone feels meditation with someone, then it becomes easy. Like you don't have to work hard remembering a loved one. The memory of that beloved is itself a pleasant experience. This dear one can be lover-girlfriend or your attachment to the formless God. It is also not necessary that you connect with any particular person or God. Maybe your mind wants to get something physical, such as a desire to get your new home or car that you don't want to think about many times throughout the day. When the memory of that thing comes slowly in your mind, you do not even know. A lover remembers his girlfriend so intently, as if he does not feel conscious at times that he has lost himself in his thoughts amidst the entire gathering. In those few moments he goes beyond the world. Only his body is in front of us but his conscience has gone to his girlfriend. In order to get him out of this situation, others have to call his name in a slightly higher voice and have to avoid it and bring it to reality. If a similar situation happens while remembering that divine, the same kind of self-love becomes with that Supreme Father, in order to get the same situation with Himself and God, different meditations are done. Before reaching that God you have to reach on your path of meditation, you have to reach yourself, you have to know yourself, you have to know yourself, know the qualities of your soul, then it is not difficult to reach it. It is said that every day should spend some time with itself. When we consider it necessary to take time to meet our relatives and relatives, then why not join yourself every day for some time and try to practice yoga with that divine being?

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Meditation is not Meditation

Many people forget to understand actions as meditation - such as Sudarshan Kriya, Transcendental Meditation and Sahaja Yoga Meditation. On the other hand, the method is also being mistaken for understanding meditation. Many saints, gurus or mahatmas suggest different revolutionary methods like meditation, but they do not tell that there is a difference between method and meditation. There is a difference between action and meditation. Action is not a means. The verb is a tool. Action is like a broom. As the meditation deepens, the person becomes situated in the witnessing sense. There is not even a moment of any emotion, imagination and thoughts on him. Silence of mind and brain is the primary form of meditation. Living in thoughts, imagination and the joys and sorrows of the past is against meditation. In meditation, the senses with the mind, the mind with the intellect, and the intellect in their form, are absorbed into the soul. Those who do not understand the witness or the vision should initially practice meditation and close the eyes. Then when the practice is increased, the eyes are closed or open, the seeker remains connected with his form and finally he can remain in the state of meditation while doing some work in the condition of witnessing. Even sitting with eyes closed is not meditation. It is also not a meditation to remember an idol. Chanting the garland is also not meditation. It is often said that meditate on God for five minutes - this too is meditation, not remembrance. Meditation is freedom from actions. Freedom from thoughts.

Meditation Mala

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Nature Of Meditation

There are innumerable imaginations and thoughts going on in our mind simultaneously. Due to this, there remains a clamor in the mind. We don't want it to go on. You are constantly thinking less and weakening yourself. Meditation is to remove unnecessary imagination and thoughts from the mind and go into pure and serene silence. The indoor of every person remains a quiet man whom we call conscience." Our conscience is always right and that is why it is said that we are part of God. All huge persons have accepted that inside Voice is the voice of spirit and this matter is not related to any particular religion. The simplest way to be happy is to listen to our conscience because our conscience is always right in every situation.whenever you like we are doing somewhat bad, we feel something extraordinary as if somebody is telling us not to do bad things. It is our conscience which prevents us from doing anything bad or hurting anyone. And when we ignore the voice of our conscience, then our contact with our conscience becomes weak. When we are going to do something bad for the second time, then we feel the voice of our conscience again, but this time that voice is not so strong because our contact with our conscience has become weak.As we continue to ignore our conscience, our contact with our conscience gets weaker and one day it comes that we do not hear that voice at all.As our contact with our conscience gets weaker, we start feeling depressed and seek happiness in material things. We become unable to solve problems, so that "stress" becomes our companion.And in such a situation, we have to connect ourselves back to our conscience and the best way to do this is meditation or meditation.

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Concentration Meditation

Concentration meditation involves focusing only peak. This could engage involve subsequent the breath, repeating a solo word or mantra, staring at a candle blaze,listening to a repeated the tune,or with beads on a mala.given that focusing the brain is texting, a nivice might meditate for only few minutes and then effort up to longer durations. In this shape of meditation, you just change your responsivenesson the selected thing of concentration every time you become aware of yor mind rootless.rather than pursuing haphazard thoughts,you just allow them go.during this procedure, your aptitude to concentrate improves.