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Tummo Meditation

On cold days, the whole body feels stiff, does not feel like doing anything, we stay in bed. In such a situation, forget to go out during the cold days. But with this we will become unwell because sleeping too much or sitting in one place is also not right.
So we have to do some activity that keeps us warm. Our body has the power to bring energy, we should just bring it. You might not know, but the practice of meditation also helps in generating heat in the body. Therefore, to fight with this cold weather, we are telling you about tummo meditation.
Gradually the cold is increasing, so the possibility of getting cold also increases. Therefore it would be better to contact the doctor of meditation. Meditation increases your immunity system, so that you will get the strength to fight cold diseases. You can call it Inner Heat Meditation.
Tummo meditation is a very old technique of meditation. This technique is adopted by Buddhist Monks. This method of meditation burns out all the wrong thoughts inside you. It shows the right direction of thoughts in your mind. It also helps you to think right.
This meditation was started thousands of years ago on the Himalayas. This is a type of tantric yoga. It is very easy to meditate.

tummo meditation

How to do Tummo Meditation

    • First of all, lay a carpet or mat on a flat and clean place.

    • After that, cross the leg and sit on the inverted leg on the straight leg. Place both your hands above the knee.

    • Now close your eyes. Then start practicing meditation and try to remove all the wrong thoughts from the mind.

    • Thoughts from different places and directions try to spoil your mind. So you have to avoid these thoughts.

    • When all thoughts are removed from your mind. Then your mind feels calm and relaxed.

    • When you take the mother-in-law, you will feel the movement in the intestines. You will feel something going up and some coming down.

    • Now come upwards and focus on the area of ​​your nose. Concentrate on taking your breath and leaving it.

    • When you reach that place, you can concentrate without bringing wrong thoughts in your mind. Then make a picture of your body in your mind like a hole.

    • After this, a hot lamp is placed in the middle of that hollow balloon, from which heat is coming out.

    • You will see that your body is slowly heating up.

Benefits of Tummo Meditation

  • Doing tummo meditation increases your concentration power.

  • It is also very helpful in increasing memory power.

  • It makes you calm. This makes your mind happy.

  • It helps in maintaining your health.

  • It is beneficial for people who have trouble breathing.

  • This improves lung health.

  • It makes your mind strong and empowers you to fight wrong thoughts.

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A Person Who Practices Tummo Meditation

    Wim Holf

    Who are known as Ice Man. Their power to bear cold is very high. Vim has spent 73 minutes in the ice bath. In addition, he has climbed Mount Everest in small clothes. This is not a unique thing. Above you know Tummo Meditation in Hindi. When this meditation is so beneficial, then you should also practice it during this cold day and enjoy the cold.

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